The ISAT U Dumangas Campus History

The time has come for us to realize and recall the great deeds and performances of our administrators that paved the way to the existence of our beloved Alma Mater, the Purificacion Dolar Monfort College (PDMC).

It started when Mr. Jose Dator, the Assistant Superintendent of Schools of Iloilo, proposed the birth of Lublub Barrio High School in the last school days of 1969-70. He found Lublub to be an appropriate place, like that of the Division of Pangasinan which successfully met the experiment. He requested Mr. Inecitas T. Deasis, that time being the Assistant Principal to take up feasibility studies about the project. Mr. Jesus Tupas of Dumangas visited the school officials and encouraged them to push through the project for he knew that it will benefit the poor residents of the same place. It was Luisa Parcon, the Division Supervisor of Physical Education, who brought the papers to Manila for approval.

In school year 1970-71, the request for the Lublub Barrio High School was granted and three classes were organized; two sections for first year under Mr. Cecilino Nery and Miss Martina Jastia being the class adviser for First Year A&B respectively and one section for Second Year under the advisory of Mrs. Josefa Denila. The newly sprouted Barrio High School met several difficulties and struggles but with the cooperation of the local and provincial officials together with the parents, it survived and had grown to the fullest. During the school year 1971-72, three classes were organized; one section for each year with Miss Martina Jastia as adviser of the first year, Mrs. Josefa Denila for the Second Year and Mr. Cecilio Nery for the third year. As it moved on, five classes were organized in school year 1972-73; two sections for the first year, one section for the second year, one section for the third year and one for the fourth year. To meet the demands of the increasing number of students, more teachers were added to the faulty workforce. They were Miss Tita Deocampo, P.E. Teacher; Lt. Edmundo Garbino, CAT Teacher; Mr. Iniego Dusaran, Science Teacher; the late Mr. Ernesto Perlas, Vocational Education Teacher and Miss Fidela Sencil for Physics and Mathematics. Lt. Edmundo Garbino made a remarkable performance or the stringent military tactics and discipline on the citizen Army Training (CAT) of the third year and fourth year students. He amazed the people through his public performance of the initiation of the officership. Private 1st class Camilo Divino assisted by his friend Corporal Narandan, also played a significant role in assisting the CAT students in their BIVOUAC at Mt. Badang and Mt. Matagsing in the mountainous area of Dumangas. The good performances in the CAT tactical inspection also drew additional enrollees coming from the neighboring barangays. With these total numbers of teaching force, the Lublub Barrio High School (LBHS) continued its best to nurture the students to be more physically, morally, socially, spiritually fit per se.

In the school year 1972-73, some philanthropic members of the municipal council of Dumangas, in the person of Vice Mayor Delfin Demaisip Jr., and Councilors Simplicio Diaz and Freddie Doromal offered scholarships to deserving, talented and capable students of poor families. The school was very proud to have these qualified eligibles who luckily availed the scholarship.

For the first year: Daisy Delmo, Lagrimas Dequito, and Ronilo Deam-ala; second year: Annie Segaya, Benny Herigaray, and Roque Dema-ala; third year: Consuelo Deximo Bebera (Rosemarie) Dizon, Elizabeth Dagum, Ninfa Doctora, and Candelaria Doriquez; fourth year: Mildred de la Vega, Antionette Militar and Teresita de Asis. They were the pride and best bet of the school. The school had also developed athletes. In fact some members of the team were chosen to compose the Dumangas volleyball team representing Dumangas in the Provincial Meet. The most significant moment for the LBHS was on April 12, 1973, when she reaped the hardships of endeavours, the fi rst graduates of the school. There were 31 seniors who started the school year, and 15 boys and 14 girls received their diplomas, while some were unfortunate to graduate because of financial constraints. Teachers of LBHS come and go. Some were seeking greener pastures while others long to be near their loved ones. Although pioneers were replaced by the new comers, enrolment continued to increase every year but as usual the school doesn’t have her own site. It was still squatting in the elementary school.

After Inecitas T. Deasis, Mrs. Anita D. Domines, principal of Lublub-Guinsampanan Central Elementary School acted as Assistant Principal of LBHS. Teachers were increased to 11 under the care and supervision of Mrs. Anita Domines and the LBHS continued to produce successful graduates even of its limited resources. From thereon, appeared another set of philanthropic individuals who offered scholarships to deserving students, namely: Mr. Jose Militar, Mrs. Lucia Ong, COCOFED under the late Atty. Rufillo Bucana and the late Jose Dolar. With the need to upgrade secondary education and teacher competencies, the LBHS was converted to Lublub National High School (LNHS), by virtue of Batas Pambansa Blg. 262 effective July 1983. Mr. Antonio D. Donguines was assigned principal to the newly converted school. The conversion was through the efforts of the late Congressman Narciso D. Monfort, M.D., who was also responsible for the purchases of an almost 4.02 hectares of site where the LNHS was relocated. The following year the school acquired classrooms, an H.E. building and other facilities.

With the school’s nationalization, enrolment continued to increase every year. These again brought to increase the personnel from 11 to 31. Scholarships were also sponsored by some kind-hearted Dumangasanons to deserving students. They were Antonio Diesmo sponsoring the president of the Student Council and the CAT Corp Commander and ARBA Dumangas Chapter members in the persons of Mr. Beato Duller, Mr. Agustin Belandres, and Mrs. Lucia Ong. They were the answers to the prayers of poor parents who can’t provide better education to their children because of financial difficulties. Another remarkable event to took place after seven years in the history of this institution. Through RA 6837 dated January 5, 1990, LNHS was renamed Purificacion Dolar Monfort National School (PDMNS) after the late Dona Purificacion, the mother of Cong. Narciso D. Monfort, the person who has made everything possible for the existence and the development of this humble institution. The renaming was due to the conversion of two barangay, Lublub and Guinsampanan into P. D. Monfort North and P. D. Monfort South respectively. Moreover, by virtue of RA 7391 dated April 10, 1992, Congressman Narciso D. Monfort sponsored a bill converting PDMNS to Purificacion Dolar Monfort College – WVCST Branch. This conversion had brought tertiary education closer and accessible to his kasimanwas. In this regard, the less-privileged students who cannot afford to go to the universities and colleges in the city can now have great chances of finishing college at a lower cost. The college started offering two year trade technical curriculum with specialization in Automotive Technology, Technical Garments, Technical Electricity, Food Technology and Electrical Technology. Mr. Fidelino D. Diocares, became the first administrator and supervisor of the college. He was the first college Dean. With the assistance of the mother campus, WVCST, Dean Diocares was able to address a lot of problems and difficulties because of his able, dedicated and committed services. The newborn college was successful to graduate 274 students with Two Year Trade Technical Courses in 1994-1998. Dean Diocares also played an important role in the organization of the first Alumni Association of this institution. The PDMC rendered services to the people despite of the limited resources. It was due to the committed and able faculty and staff members that the college that produced students who were good citizens of the community. In 1998, Dr. Antonio D. Sanica replaced Dean Fidelino Diocares and he implemented some reorganization measures.

New curricula were offered including the Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology major in Automotive Technology, Garments Technology, Electrical Technology, Food Technology, Architectural Drafting and Furniture Fabrication Technology. Years later, Bachelor in Technician Teacher Education and Bachelor in Hotel and Restaurant Servicing were also offered as new programs of the college. Improvement in facilities and construction of buildings were also counted. The purchase of new computers, renovation of classrooms, construction of the new stage and HRT building were among the development and expansion projects and created and made possible through the able and continued support of the then late Cong. Narciso D. Monfort of the Fourth District of Iloilo. Retooling courses were given to faculty members to improve the teaching competencies needed in the new programs offered by the college. Faculty members were also made to undergo graduate studies under the College Staff Development Program and were able to graduate their Masters and Doctorate degrees. In the year 2004, Dean Sanica was promoted to Vice President for Finance and Administration of WVCST System and Dr. Lourdes R. Diasnes became the new administrator and Supervisor of the College. New faculty member were hired in order to meet the demands of the new programs offered. Upgrading of the facilities and renovation of classrooms and other infrastructure projects were also given priority by the administration to provide better learning and to develop skills of the students. In 2006-07, new programs were offered including the Bachelor in Hotel and Restaurant Technology and Associate Information Technology patterned from the mother campus. Enrollment of this school thus, increased.

Scholarships and assistance were also sponsored by some organizations and kind-hearted Dumangasanons and alumni namely: The BIRON Foundation, LGU and CHED scholarship, Atty. Victor Decida, SB and Mrs. Jesus Casco, SB Member Ian Dolutan, Former Mayor Rolly B. Distura, Atty. Ronnie Delicana, and the Association of Dumangasanons in Hongkong. The continuing progress of PDMC is a dream come true to all the people of Dumangas. For the coming years, faculty members and administrators come and go and new philanthropic persons may continue to sponsor scholarship for poor and deserving students and the college will continually uphold its vision of providing quality education to poor and deserving students of the community. It aims to make life better for the youth that they may achieve things that go beyond their expectations. It is a challenge that will continue in the years to come because PDMC will stand strong amidst the challenging time.