Extension Programs






Activity/ Involvement





JULY 31,2015 Conduct meeting with the Taytay Sa Kauswagan Inc. Representative Ms. Jonalyn Sumande, the President of Sitio Pantalan Vendors together with the HRT Extension Workers to plan out the next program/ project for the Sitio Pantalan Dacutan Dumangas Association.  


ISAT U Dumangas Campus


A request  letter was required from the association President to be submitted to the Campus Administration attention to the head of the Extension Services

AUGUST 5, 2015 Attend Faculty Orientation and Seminar Workshop on Extension Services Miag-ao Campus  

Give the Overview of the Seminar

AUGUST 29, 2015 Distribute Survey forms to Farmers and Settlers for Extension Aglalana , Passi With Dr. Depamallo and Dr. Quidato
SEPTEMBER 9, 2015 Institutional In-House

Review of Proposed Extension

Programs and Projects.


Leon Campus

Presenters of the Extension Services Project Proposal:

1.      ROSHIN B. QUITOR-Basic House Planning and Building Construction

2.      RICHARD B. VILLALUNA- Electronics Consumer Servicing and Energy conservation

3.      ALEXANDER H. DEMEGILLO AND RUPERTA D. CEZAR-Livelihood Training in Food Trade


SEPTEMBER 11,2015 Attend Research and Extension

Normative Financing.

ISAT U La Paz campus Fill up tables and Attached Documents for Noremative Financing of all Extension services programs and projects
SEPTEMBER 19,2015 Conduct Assessment Survey On

The Proposed Extension Services

At Sitio Summit ,Aglalana

Passi City


Passi City


Distribute Assessment Survey forms to determine Seminars and Trainings to be conducted.

SEPTEMBER 23,2015 3rd  Quarter Extension Service

Division Meeting and Workshop

On the Development of ESD Monitoring Tool




ISAT U Main Campus, La Paz, Iloilo City


Determine Extension Activities for the next year and projection of Budget

SEPTEMBER 27,2015 Conduct Orientation and Finalization of trainees per livelihood Training program. Sitio Summit Aglalana,

Passi City


Together with the Program Coordinators and Proponents of the Extension Services :

ELX- Mr. Ervert T. Soterania

AUTOMOTIVE TECH – Dr. Ludy depamallo

SEPTEMBER 28,2015 Formulate Memorandum of Understanding between ISAT U Dgas. Campus and Brgy.Aglalana Pasi.  

ISAT U Dumangas Campus


Draft and Print Out MOU

SEPTEMBER 30,2015 Signing of Memorandum Understanding w/ The Local government Unit of Sitio Summit Aglalana , Passi City  

Passi City


Signing of MOU together with the Proponents and SB Member of Aglalana , Passi