Extension Mission/Vision/Goals & Objectives

Rationale of the Extension Program

          Extension is one of the functions of institutions of higher learning. Faculty members in this institution are to engage in extension activities.

          In order to rationalize the extension function of the institution, there is a need to have a definite policies on the implement of extension programs and projects.



Self-reliant and God centered communities in the service area


The ISAT U Dumangas Campus as an instrument in alleviating the lives of the people in its service area.


  1. To provide holistic approach in sustaining community development initiatives;
  2. To promote green community initiatives and innovations
  3. To provide continuing education for industrial professionals.

General Objectives

  • Assist communities in alleviating the life of the people, providing them with competencies to live a quality life;
  • Share expertise, facilities and manpower with other agencies, organizations for the improvement of the quality of life of the people.
  • Provide students an avenue where principles and theories learned in a classroom applied and actualized through a real-life situation.
  • Uphold measures and initiatives that promote green community, environmental protection, public health and welfare.