Accounting Office

Budget Officer

Duties and Functions:

1) Directs and coordinates activities of personnel responsible for formulation, monitoring and presentation of budgets for controlling funds to implement program objectives of public and private organizations: Directs compilation of data based on statistical studies and analyses of past and current years to prepare budgets and to justify funds requested.

2) Correlates appropriations for specific programs with appropriations for divisional programs and includes items for emergency funds.

3) Reviews operating budgets periodically to analyze trends affecting budget needs.

4) Consults with unit heads to ensure adjustments are made in accordance with program changes in order to facilitate long-term planning.

5) Directs preparation of regular and special budget reports to interpret budget directives and to establish policies for carrying out directives.

6) Prepares comparative analyses of operating programs by analyzing costs in relation to services performed during previous fiscal years and submits reports to director of organization with recommendations for budget revisions.

7) Testifies regarding proposed budgets before examining and fund-granting authorities to clarify reports and gain support for estimated budget needs.

8) Administers personnel functions of budget department, such as training, work scheduling, promotions, transfers, and performance ratings.

Accounting Officer

Duties and Functions:

  1. Responsible for ensuring timely payment of loans, grants and bills.
  2. She presides over the monitoring and processing of payments and expenditure.
  3. Prepares and monitors the organization’s payroll system and ensure that workers get their pay on time.