Video clip during the cooking presentation of the mother and daughter (Mrs. Eva and Einah Neca De la Cruz) tandem during the Virtual Cooking Contest, March 30, 2021.

Einah Neca de la Cruz together with her mother Mrs. Eva De la Cruz took home the First Place Award in the Virtual Cooking Contest held March 30, 2021.

The contest was open to all the stakeholders of ISATU system in pair of Student-Parent/Guardian or Student-Alumni.

The cooking has to be done by pair at home and it should be properly documented using video including food preparation and cooking procedure as to its mechanic.

The pair prepared “Pinaupong Tilapia sa Mansanas at Batuan” as the winning dish.

Joined also in the same contest were Marvin Charlon and Sheena Homicillada (student-alumni pair) of the same university who won the Third Place.

The contest was made possible by the Office of External Affairs in partnership with Gender and Development in commemoration of the celebration of Women’s Month.